Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog roll failure

As you may have figured out I've been up to other things & blogging has taken a back burner. The blogroll thingy isn't working. I just removed a bunch that were 1 year inactive & I can't save or add any new blogs. I'm sorry I think I'm going to scrap the whole blog. I'm not active enough blogging  & I'm just not interested enough to try to find a new blogroll thingy  & deal with transferring all the active blogs to it.

If you are curious to what I have been doing: I've created a group on FB for Great Dane owners. It's called Dane Yard (  It's worldwide, at the moment I have just under 600 members.

Also, we have a new family member, Lily Luv. She has a health issue and we will be dealing with that thru here:

God bless & blog on!