Sunday, March 22, 2009


Recap of the blogger gathering at the KC Wizards Opening game. We started of with 5 of us meeting for Waldo Pizza. Then we headed out & parked at Nebraska Furniture & hopped on the school bus to the stadium. No, not the "little bus". Even though it was a tight squeeze for the taller people. A very quick ride! Barely had time to twitter! Five of us who carpooled together hit the gate at the same time:

Gone Mild (our good friend Dan & his lovely wife)
Beneath the Ginko (my studly hubby)
My Spyder Web (my personal blog)

Before the game started I went to visit with the Toronto teams' fans. I said a big "Bonjour Salut la visit" . I welcomed them to the Midwest, told them where in Canada I was from ( 4 hours north of Toronto). Then told them to have a good time & that they could drink us all under the table anyway.

Our fav librarian had problems with her print out of her ticket & had to go to a different line. It took forever!!!! It seems the computer crashed during the process. Needless to say we were happy to see her once she was able to join us. Soon afterwards we were joined by two more bloggers & their dates.

Keep on Truckin'... ( Gringa & her charming date El Mexican)
Abso-freaking-lutely Feisty (Ms Feisty & her "Shiny" date Eric) Ask Eric or my hubby what "shiny" means!

@vivid13 & girlfriend @painfulblue (Tweeters) were out too but sat elsewhere. I wished they had joined all of us. Since we were having so much fun.

OMG! Did we have a good time. The KC Wizards dragon tried to eat Feisty's head. My hubby made some comment about her getting head. Later during the game someone said something about a player & "bad head". Gringa said she's never heard that before! Then El Mexican was passing his nuts around. Loved his nuts! LOL! Hubby & Eric hit it off once they found out that they both are Firefly fans. That took a whole aaa maybe a minute for them to bond. Poor Feisty was having to duck between the two browncoats. The game was close. But Canada ruled the game. We decided not to wait for the shuttle bus & walked to the car. Even that was fun as we were all talking. Sorry if you missed it. We had a great time!

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Ambitious Fledgling said...

It really was a fantastic time! Now what does "Shiny" mean? lol