Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Gathering !!!

Happy Hour Going Away Party

January 26th 2011
@DVSGEM / Tamara Scharfenkamp
Extra Virgin
1900 Main St,
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 842-2205


Erin said...

I am in KC and am a local blogger....how do I get on the local blog list?


Spyder said...

I'll do that tonight!

Spyder said...

Erin, Done!

Radioman KC said...

I've never fully understood what you do here other than display all the blogs and announce a poorly attended monthly meeting.

might I suggest you open the room to authorized bloggers to write what we please.

Let us piss and moan. Coin ideas. Lament, Stroke and diss each other. If you give everybody on your short list CREATE RIGHTS, well it might be very fun!

I'll start.

Tony is still the shit. I hit on him every day about ten times. He has the news.

I'm working less on my blog as on my website because I thiink websites are the future. HOpe people check out my links. I work on it daily to make it truly the best link site.

Thanks. radiomankc.

Radioman KC said...

PS...I don't mean write in the comments, I mean write in the main message area. Give everybody who has a blog listed add rights. But you keep the god rights, of course.

Why not? I bet this room would cook! Just us chickens!

Spyder said...

Dear Radioman KC,
Please see new post.