Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A response to a comment

Dear Radioman KC,

In the beginning. If you are Catholic you know that this is code for long. In the beginning I was introduced to blogging by a good friend ( Gone Mild ). From his blog I found XO & Greg Beck. After months of commenting on those blogs anonymously I decided that it was only fair to them that I create an identity (anonymous one) so that they would know it was the same person. Since I had the identity created I might as well start my own blog where I could rant & write about what ever I wanted. That's what your own blog is for. It's for you. I don't care to be like Tony or anyone else. As I don't go to Fox Fake News I don't go either to Tony's. He can put what ever he wants on his blog. Good for him. I don't make any money from this & don't plan to. I don't want to be a news person. I blog what & when I want.

I created this blog to store a list of blogs in the Kansas City area. Which as far as I know there wasn't one back then. As people asked me I've included their blog here. If anyone knows of any send them to me to include. I will include everybody. Unless they piss me off. It's only happened once so far. I'm pretty easy going, really.

I had no intention of opening this up for anything more than the list & announce gatherings, Happy Hours, whatever. I would be willing to post an introduction to a blog. If bloggers emailed me something describing them & their blog I would be willing to post that. But you can "piss and moan. Coin ideas. Lament, Stroke and diss each other." on your own blogs. If you are "working less on my blog as on my website" you don't have time to post on mine.

Regarding the monthly meetings. Did you ever come to one? I will confess that I have become lax in scheduling them/announcing them enough in advance. One of the problems is they were so big that it was hard to find a good place. So we moved it around trying to be fair to bloggers all over the KC area. Changing days because some could come on this day but not that one. I will tell you it's like herding cats. Mind you I do love these cats! And that is the thing, many of us have become good friends. I would even say the kind that will be life long friends. Many of us see each other at other times than a monthly meeting. We have each others phone numbers, addresses, keys & codes to their houses. I'm grateful for these friendships.

I work a full time job, I'm on two boards, and do weekly volunteering. I have two FB accounts, one Twitter account, multiple emails. I'm married (+25 years), own a home with 4 acres & a cat & 2 LARGE dogs. I'm 54 years old. I'm tired. So if I don't schedule a Happy Hour please forgive me but Life happens. And cooking? Well, I've done all the cooking I need, now I'm simmering.

So please, anyone how would like me to post an intro to you & your blog email it to me at Great idea Radioman!



PS While I'm at it: I'm a vegetarian who loves Bacon. I'm a liberal democrat who goes to church. I do spiritual direction & say fuck. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I took English as a second language, my punctuation is not text book. I like to use !!!!! And my spelling is better than many English speaking people. Now you all know a little more about me. Don't like it? Too bad, plenty do! LOL!


Casey Leigh said...

Add my blog to the list if you haven't already!

I also follow other KC area blogs that I can share with you!

Spyder said...

Casey,I've added you! I'm getting ready to go out of town on girls weekend. When I get back I'll check your blogroll. Thanks!

Groucho K. Marx said...


That same dude came over to my blog once and criticized what I was doing.

Plus I understand he was a MAJOR reason another local forum that discussed local radio shut down.

Appears to be socially-challenged.

Maybe instead of ten times a day- he should plant himself on that other blog he loves so well and stay out of OUR spaces and telling US what to do...

Just my two-dollars worth and gidday...


Donna said...

Maybe that's the anonymous guy from KC who commented on an entry I had done entitled "my home in the snow". His comment: "Home? You live in a fucking trailer house."
You, my dear, are one of the sweetest people in blogland. Don't let them get to you.

Spyder said...

Thanks Grouch & Donna!

Wow Donna! He really said that? That's rude. You have a lovely home from what I've seen in photos.

kage said...

Go you!

Faith said...

Good post, Spyder!

Just wanted to add my support to your awesomeness, and let you know that we ALL appreciate everything you do! ::hugs::

Spyder said...

Kage, Thanks! I've added your blutokc blog to the list!

Faith! I miss you! OMD! I just said that to a republican! LOL! I really do miss you! Happy Hour in the next 2 weeks. Promise!

Anonymous said...

being nasty out here, online, is juvenile, at least, and just empty, mean and pointless, yet it keeps happening, unfortunately.

As the old saying goes, "don't let the turkeys get you down."

They aren't worth it.

Spyder said...

Mo Rage, As you quote on your blog : "The sincere friends of this world are as ship lights in the stormiest of nights.
Giotto di Bondone " Thanks!

Anonymous said...


someone read me. :)


Anyway, to Radioman---if you go to one of these blogger conventions, I will, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

oh, and you're welcome, of course, Spyder.

Anonymous said...

Hi, love this site, well done! Please add me to your list:
also, I'll be adding a blog this March 17th: to support local artist!
Thanks for doing this,

Spyder said...

Maggie, Thank you!. I've added your blog to the list. Please remind me when the other blog is up & running & I'll add it.

Fred Sanford said...

Wow - if I had known all it took to get you to post was to piss all over your territory, I would have…well, no I wouldn’t have. But it would have at least given me a good reason to load up on the Boulevard quadruple ale. You know, just in case…

Spyder said...

Dear Fred,
HAHAHAHAHAH. Buy the beer! Then have one for me. I just responded to a comment. I was feeling a little wordy. I could have just said No, or even Fuck No. But I thought he deserved a better response than that, an explanation of why MY blog is the way it is. I appreciate his suggestions, and would be willing to like I said post intros. But that's it. Life is short & busy. Like me! LOL! Next month I'll schedule a Happy Hour. You going to show & prove him wrong that they are attended? LOL!

Fred Sanford said...

maybe sneak in; it's not like Andy hasn't already told you about my stud-muffiness!

; ' )

Kristine said...

Love you and miss you, Spyder! :)

Spyder said...

Fred/Doc, Yes but he's a guy. And I haven't met you yet.

Kristine, Let's do coffee soon!!!!! Love & miss you too. Very proud of you & what you've been going through.

Radioman KC said...

A simple NO, I'm too busy would have sufficed. My suggestion was only to make what's already a bloggers blog something more than a list.

After checking out Groucho, Yes, you're right, it would be counter productive.

Mo lets have lunch. Or go to an AA meeting. I think too many people would be packin at a happy hour. Then we'd have to deal with ALonzo and would lose our ability to handwring about crime.

We bloggers are too opinionated to meet face to face, I think. It'd be like Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly competing to see who can interrupt the other the most. And with liquor involved? Oh no, I'll skip it.

Spyder said...

Radioman, I thought you deserved an explanation, not just a simple NO.

I beg to differ that bloggers are too opinionated to meet face to face. We've been doing it for years & not one fight has broken out!

Radioman KC said...

Well I'm disappointed you wrote the ANSWER to me, but not what I'd written to YOU. Here Fred thought I wrote you a hate-gram, when in fact, I just wanted to have a bloggers blog to talk shop that's not quite so public. I sent you a suggestion is all I remember doing.

We're a community and I think we should have a place. But yes, it would take admin time to police it, even if its a closed membership blog.

Maybe you could find a cohort to help you administer the room. Or not. I don't wanna be argumentative on the topic, for you're right, its not like we bloggers don't have a place to express ourselves.

BTW, do you know of any MUSIC blogs (other than 'sax'), or INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS themed blogs in town. I'm building more links into my site by topics.

Incidentally, if anyone wants a link to my BLOG page, drop me a note. I'm not going to just add all the blogs, only active ones, and only if I like them as useful to readers of my website.


Radioman KC said...

Um... have you noticed that all these comments are pretty much what I've suggested... but not in the COMMENTS part, but rather moving it up to the POST part?

That way comments will be on topic.

Dunno about YOUR software, but MY blog software allows the administrator to choose who can comment.

That's a bit of work if you have a hundred bloggers... but once done, well the rights issue is done.

Gimme rights and I'll key in the users if you have a list of USERIDS of the local bloggers you've approved. Then take the rights BACK! Just a thought.
I got time.

Spyder said...

Thank you but no.

Fred Sanford said...


Spyder said...

I heard that giggle!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. Thank you for what you do to support local folks!

Would you please add my blog:

I'm a local burlesque performer and instructor and I regularly feature local businesses.
~ Sweet Louise

Spyder said...

Sweet Louise,

You are very welcome! I do what I can. I've added your blog!
and Mwah right back at ya toots!